Previously Adopted Puppies

(I lost all my older photos when changing webhosting companies so if you have one you want posted, please send it to me...thnxs!)
Abby lives with the Conner Family here in TX
Trixie & Sophie live with the Ates Family here in TX
Phoebe lived with the Donley Family here in TX
Rosebud lives with the  Hart Family here in TX
Noelle lives with the
 DeVine Family here in TX
Left: Coco joined Noelle
Zoey Grace lives with the Donley Family here in TX
Bruno lives with the Ramirez Family here in TX
Cashmere lives with the Ryan Family here in TX.  She is litter mate to Abby, weighs 2#s grown
Two of our babies from Waylon & Sizzle that live here in TX
Jolie lives with Martha here in TX. She is a Jubie & Cody baby girl.
Lexie lives with the
 Webster Family here in TX
Cody lives with the
Sheets' Family in KY. His parents are Cody & Maddie
Miss Beasley joins another one of our babies in KY
Lexie Lou lives in Canada with the Wilder family.
She's a real fashionista while riding in the family convertible....
Molly runs the Daves household, LOL. She is an Angie & Garrett daughter, litter mate is only 2.5#s that lives with the Stewart's also here in TX.
Molly, a Lexie & Chief daughter, lives here in TX with the Keens.  We know she is already spoiled and wrapped around their fingers, LOL
Below is a photo after her vet exam which was great.  She is really doing good with her new momma & daddy
Sparky (Lexie & Chief's)
son is on his way home with his mom Nannette
Oreo is going to live in Midland with the Nail Family.... and I bet she will be spoiled a bunch....
Lucy lives in TX with Kathy.  She is a Samantha &
Cody baby girl.  The photo on the left is the day she left to go home with Kathy, and the right one is at 3 yrs. old.  Still a beautiful Vibrant red....Cody passes that to his babies. Updated photo of Lucy @ 4 yrs. old. 2018
Mr. Bojangles "Bo" lives here in TX with Linda. He is one of our older adopted puppies that will be 8 this summer.  He lives in a high rise on the 8th floor and everyone knows him.  Linda said he really struts his stuff after getting his grooming.  Adorable little 5# guy
Ariel lives in TX with Farrington Family.  She is a Jubie &
Cody baby girl.  She looks just like her mom, Jubie.  Beautiful girl! Thanks for sharing.
Chloe lives in NM with the Dietz Family.  She is a TooToo &
Cody baby girl.  Beautiful girl! Thanks for sharing.
Hudson lives in NY with Taisha & family.  He is Sizzle & Teddy Bear baby boy.  Handsome guy! Thanks for sharing.
Scooter is a Kacie & Cash standard male.  He's a handsome guy that lives with the Scott Family here in TX. Thanks for sharing.
Grace is a sister to Scooter that joined the Scott Family here in TX.  They are siblings from Kacie & Cash
Thanks for sharing.
Buster & Misty are two toys from several years back.
They are siblings from Shyanne & DJ.  Very loved by the Roszell Family in TX

Crema lives here in TX with the 
Peasley Family.  She is one of our first Standard
puppies from Delilah and Cash

Gracee & Scooter having a "hug out" moment. 
So Sweet!!!They lives w/the Scott 
Family here in TX.  
They are siblings from Kacie & Cash

Coco lives with her sister, Tinker with
Toni & Family in Odessa.  Here she is
with Toni's granddaughter...they are best friends.
This is Sophie & her new mom. She is a Sizzle & Teddy Bear baby girl.  I bet she is spoilt rotten, lol.
This is Vidia that lives with the Stokes family here in TX. She is a puppy from Lana & Garrett.  Lots of energy in this little package.