A good reputable breeder will have a list of references when you are searching for a puppy.  Also a reputable breeder will have no hesitation showing you their breeding facility whether it is located in their home or in a kennel situation.  They should be proud of their puppies, their adults and of their facilities. We do not just allow visitors for the sake of touring or visiting; however, if you have placed a deposit on a puppy and it is ready to go home with you, you have the choice of being met w/i a reasonable distance or picking it up from us. Since many of our puppies are adopted through our website by means of the internet, this is not always possible.   Recently we had a couple place a deposit and then fly from NY to see the puppy that they had chosen.  We then shipped him when he was ready to go home.   We will offer to meet you for convenience but never refuse for someone to pick up their puppy from our home. This is done only as an offer if it is better for you....never is this done to keep anyone from coming to our location.We want you to know that we are reputable, honest breeders and have listed our veterinarian's telephone number below as well as some of our buyer's names, locations and a brief description about the puppy they got from us..Should you wish to contact any of them, please let us know, and we'll be happy to give you their demographic information with their permission.
Our Vet is with Decatur Veteranary and his name is Jeffrey Harrison....940 627-2158

Penny Horton.....Penny's Pups....located in TN....has bought 3 puppies from us, Snickers, Lucy & Bonnie

Judy Epperson.....Bows and Toes....Murchison, TX.....has gotten several puppies from us as well
as us adopting from them

Natasha in the DFW area, TX. She has gotten several from us for her friends and family

Lynn Appleton.....Canada, has a puppy, Opi, from Chipper and Chantilly. She is also waiting on another one.

Julie Phillips......Idaho...recently got a 9 month old female, Tangee, for breeding and Chantal as a puppy.

Clara Shoup.......Florida.....bought a brown female from Julie and Fudge

Terry Antley.....North Carolina....a repeat her unedited email (except for address) below