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"Dog and cat breeders are regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation,
P. O. Box 12157, Austin, TX  78711, 1-800-803-9202, 512-463-6599
www.license.state.tx.us"   License #130
412 Conestoga Trail        
Rhome, Tx 76078
817 638-5505
Call to Fax Agreement
Phone calls accepted from 10am-5pm CST only....
No "Unavailable, Unknown Number or Unknown
Name" calls are answered
If you are sending us an email, they
are answered w/i 24hrs.  We do
prefer the
initial contact regarding
a puppy thru email...thanks
I will no longer post a puppy adopted until funds are "in hand". I am tired of doing so and
then someone will "change their mind", or "husband/wife says no" as well as other
excuses.  This can potentially cause a loss of a sale.  So please keep this in mind when you
make a decision to purchase a puppy.  Once I post a puppy as adopted and then you
change your mind, others think something is wrong with the puppy.  This is not the case,
it's usually "buyers remorse".  So remember it is a life long committment.

Deposits are $300, and the balance can be paid when you pick up the puppy.  We will
contact you but if no response is made, your puppy will be posted for non-payment and
you will lose your deposit.  It is your responsibility to make sure and completely pay the
balance when you are notified that the puppy is ready to come home with you.

Other questions are answered on our FAQs page.  Click here to view them.  
Prices are for "limited papers" as we prefer our puppies to go to homes as pets only.  
All puppies sold must have the "contract agreement" completed prior to getting the puppy.  
If it is being delivered,
click here to complete and send to us. If you are picking up the
puppy, you can sign it then.

Time available for puppies to be picked up is on Sat. or Sun. from 3pm to 4pm.  Due to
health issues, I cannot do weekday pickups.  Please take this into consideration when
purchasing a puppy.  
We no longer ship our puppies because of more laws passed by
USDA.  I can't even have someone bring to you anymore.  So they must be picked up
from us or if possible, we can bring them to you at an agreed meeting place
if you live
away from the DFW area

There is a Paypal button there if you wish to pay the deposit using Paypal.  Please add 3%
to the $300 because it is not added in automatically.  We are now able to accept credit
cards when you pick up your puppy. Texas residents are required to pay 6.75% for tax.

Click on the Page # to view photos and all info on
the puppy.

Click here to see birth announcements of puppies that aren't
posted yet.
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