To use the weight chart, find the age of your puppy.  Go across to the weight that it is currently weighing, then go down to the bottom and this is the estimated weight as an adult.  Please remember that this is just an approximation not a guarantee in size.  Many factors such as type of food, amount of food, how much exercise, etc. that your puppy gets can increase or decrease his/her size.
Most breeders just use this chart for weight even though toys size poodles are 10"s and under, miniature poodles are up to 15"s and standards are over 15"s. 

Please note that some colors are harder to "downsize or get shorter in height" like the reds, silvers, and occasionally blacks or browns.  That is why some reds will go to 10.5 to 11"s but only weigh 5-7#s.

So if you are looking for a
red or dark apricot please remember that they are prone to having taller legs with refined bones and smaller bodies.
             Height Chart for Toy Poodles

         Age in Weeks              Height in Inches     
            5 wks                           5 inches   
            8 wks                           6 inches
          12 wks                           7 inches      
          16 wks                           8 inches
          20 wks                           9 inches
          24 wks                         10 inches

Toy Poodles are usually finished growing in height in 6-7 months although it may take them a little longer to fill out.

       Here is another chart for height estimates

         Age in Weeks              Height in Inches
           8 wks                          5 3/4 inches
         12 wks                          6 3/4 inches 
          6 months                      9 3/4 inches