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412 Conestoga Trail
Rhome, TX  76078

817 638-5505
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Please do not call after 5pm CST, or if you
do, leave a msg. and your call will be
returned w/i 24hrs.  We
DO NOT answer
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TexasPoodle Breeder Hoffman's Toys  | 
Hoffman's Toys is a TX poodle breeder of registered toy, tiny toy, & teacup poodle puppies.  We are located convenient to the
Dallas/Ft. Worth area.  We love the
red poodles, vibrant in color, but also have browns, blacks, creams, apricots and others.  
We have added
parti poodles as well as phantom poodles to our breeding program.  We produce some of the most beautiful red
around.  Please remember when looking for a poodle puppy, Toys and tiny toy Poodles are more suitable for families
with children than
teacups.  Teacup poodles are very fragile due to their small size.  Also there is only a small amount of
difference in size between a
teacup poodle and tiny toy poodles.  Most of our puppies are 3.5 to 9#s grown.  Think about the
size that is suitable for you whether it's a
toy, tiny toy, or teacup poodle.  This TX poodle breeder will be happy to answer any
questions regarding size.  We are sure you will see one of our babies that you just can't resist whether it's the
red poodles, parti
poodles, phantom poodles
or another color.  We have been breeding for nearly 14 years and take great pride in our puppies.  
We are very legitimate and work hard to produce good quality puppies.  There are scams online so beware of who you purchase
from....ask questions, and if possible, visit to see the puppies.  We only allow visitors after puppies have their 1st vaccination.  
Calls are answered only between 10am & 5pm CST. We do not answer "unknown number, unknown name, or
unavailable calls".
 Emails are always answered but telephone calls are not answered after 5pm CST.
Give us a call or send an email....Hoffman's Toys will be happy to answer any questions you might have or just chat about our
Email is preferred for initial inquiry regarding a
Poodle puppy.  We usually answer w/i 24 hrs.
but if not, email us again
Health Info
Vet Info
License Pg &
Puppy Room
T-Cup Info
Click on the names to see videos of three of our past puppies
The website is always updated on what is currently available.  Right
now, we have several that are ready for their new homes.  Balances
are due in full, however, a deposit will hold them until an
appointment time can be set up for pickup.  We no longer ship our
puppies, but sometimes we can arrange a hand delivery by a friend
that is employed with Amer. Airlines.  Texas buyers need to pay
6.75% in addition to the price of the puppy.  We are a Licensed
Breeder in accordance to Texas Laws.  Our license number is 130
and listed on each page and contract.
******4/3/14 Passed AKC Inspection*********
******8/12/14 Passed State Inspection********
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"Dog and cat breeders are regulated by the Texas Department
of Licensing and Regulation,
P. O. Box 12157, Austin, TX 78711,
1-800-803-9202 or 512-463-6599"    TX License #130
Hoffman's Toys
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Health Contract

Must be on file when
buying a puppy. Also
what is covered and what
is not covered

About Us, Info on
Deposits, AKC inspections,
Methods of Payment, etc.
Checks are taken on
deposits, but balance
must be cash, cashier's
check or money order
payable to "Sharon
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